The above pictures are the school structure of Dung-Laar Gberuk primary school.The school is located at Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri district of the northern region of Ghana( the Guangbiang electoral area near Binde). It was constructed in the year 1994 with current population of about 170 pupils ranging from primary 1 to 6. The said school was not fortunate to have had a heavy rainstorm which removed the entire roof and rendered the school to be useless till date. Several attempts had been made by the clan head and the concerned youth of the area to come to the aid of the fixing of the roof but to no avail.
The indigenes of the people of Dung-Laar Gberuk and for that matter the community head and that of the headteacher are therefore, appealing to NGO’s, philanthropists, Social organizations etc to come to the aid of the future generation who are currently under the abandoned structure which served as a death trap to their lives. Any kind of help or support to the school would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks.

For more information call 0243945686/0509181562


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