Dr. Suzanne Marlowe Minarcine

Dr. Suzanne Marlowe Minarcine is a wife, mother, grandmother, community leader, musician, nurse, retired airline pilot, strategist, artist, and founding partner of Sky High Aerial Drones, an aerial photography and aviation education company. Dr. Minarcine is the President and CEO of the Organization for Research and Community Development Global, a non-profit which grew out of Afghanistan and currently serves 22 countries.

Suzanne is an active writer, speaker, coach, and trainer.  She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully established and operated four businesses, including an adult day care center, a hospice, a flight school with 89 aircraft, and a home care company. She has a couple of new projects in the works, so stay tuned!

Suzanne believes in living life to its fullest and is always looking for the next adventure.  She lives in Macon, Georgia, with her husband, Robert, and her cat, Chanel. Her three children and nine grandchildren frequently pop in and out.