Women Empowerment

Project Advocacy for the Prevention of violence against women


The overall goal of the project will be to prevent violence against women and girls at home, in their communities and in disaster and conflict situations.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To increase awareness of women/girls on human rights, improve and promote the civil, social, and cultural rights of women/girls
  2. To promote youth and men engagement and establish networking in support of our laws, the rights of women/girls and contribute in changing unequal gender norms and practices.
  3. To increase access to justice systems and advocate for improved enforcement of laws protecting women against Gender based Violence
Activities Mobilize national and local media to be involved in the public awareness about women rights
Organize round table discussions in local radio stations broadcasted live. The discussions will be aimed at public awareness about women rights and preventing violence against women
Build the capacity and knowledge of persons involved for advocating the women rights in their communities
Offering training of trainers (TOT) training to the ORCD trainers
Select interested Community Development councils (CDCs) who are interested to advocate for women rights
Training  communities on women rights and the ways  they can advocate for preventing violence against women


Coverage area All the catchment area